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These water-resistant duffel type gear bags are made with 500 Denier Cordura ® (100% nylon with 3/4 oz. Urethane coating) and have polypropylene strapping secured to bag every five inches
(diamond pattern stitch). This reinforcement system prevents side to side movement of loads even at speed.
Gear bags open on the end which rolls down and closes with side-clip buckles. see detail
Available in 3 standard sizes and custom sizes.
Available in red only (as of August 8, 2021)

I usually carry a medium- which holds my tent, groundcloth, thermarest, pillow, and cook stove. Unstrap it at the campsite, and toss it where you want to set up. Everything is there!

Also available with a reflective stripe sewn on = request through e-mail at dwapickle@gmail.com

Custom sacks/gear bags available.
Measure your stuff and shoot me an email so we can design something to meet your needs.

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Choose Standard Size
$3.00 S/H will be added at check out
small 10" x 24" $26.00 Color
medium 10" x 30" $30.00 Color
large 12" x 35" $35.00 Color
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